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From XXS to 5XL, whether you have a mom bod, tattoos and piercings, a body full of scars,  or even extra skin from losing weight. Black, White, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Transgender, it doesn't matter! EVERYONE deserves to feel sexy and beautiful. The Ai Akinaa Brand advocates body positivity and self-love. No matter what you look like or where you come from, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL  and YOU MATTER! It's time to LOVE your 'imperfections' and 'flaws'. Now, are you ready to break the 'social norm' of what beauty is with me?

Founder of Ai Akinaa Clothing

Akina Clark

Biancheria Intima

Big Body Swole

Maniaco della Moda

Sensual Essentials

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“To be honest you and your lingerie brought back my confidence. I learned to embrace my curves. So thank you.”

-Rosa Contreras

“It truly was beautiful seeing so much diversity in race and sizes in your brand♥️ thank you”

-Tanzania Brown

“I never shot in lingerie because the world killed my mind set on what beauty is I am a strong and confident woman but your line is my weakness and I pushed myself to do this to prove to myself I can and that I am beautiful and I did I pushed myself right out of my comfort zone I love your line and everything it stands for”

-Sjacquis Johnson

“I received my set and OMG 🥺 I’ve never really wore lingerie because I always felt like I was too big but when I put on the pieces I automatically felt so beautiful. They fit my body so well. I’m still so amazed!”


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