Ai Akinaa Clothing

From XXS to 5XL, whether you have a mom bod, tattoos and piercings, a body full of scars,  or even extra skin from losing weight. Black, White, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Transgender, it doesn't matter! ALL women deserve to feel sexy and beautiful. The Ai Akinaa Brand advocates body positivity and self-love. No matter what you look like or where you come from, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL  and YOU MATTER! It's time to LOVE your 'imperfections' and 'flaws'. Now, are you ready to break the 'social norm' of what beauty is with me?

Founder of Ai Akinaa Clothing

Akina Clark

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"I've never felt like a beautiful woman as much as I did today. You made me feel like I could rule the world and I couldn't appreciate you more. I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin, I love you Akina so much."

-Keysha Lee

"Women like you make it easier for women like me to love their 'imperfections' & not always 'socially acceptable' figures. Thank you for seeing the beauty in me! I seriously feel so amazing!"

-Jeanette Herrera

“To be honest you and your lingerie brought back my confidence. I learned to embrace my curves. So thank you.”

-Rosa Contreras

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